Welcome to Anton’s portfolio and blog.

This is  a place where you can learn a bit about my work, and an opportunity for me to share some of my thoughts on justice reform, communications, public policy, social innovation, human rights and sustainable change. As the title implies, it’s a place to Think Justice, connect and share ideas.

Please look around, click on the links and if anything strikes you as interesting, do get in touch. All of the ideas shared here are “open source”, and of course I hope that they are used and referenced – all I ask is that you please let me know if you’d like to make use of or refer to any info you come across here.

EDIT: In view of the Covid-19 crisis I have been using this site to host materials, based on my professional experience, to assist justice administrations to tackle the global public health emergency. You can find them here.

Anton Shelupanov at San Francisco Bay in 2014, with the now defunct Alcatraz prison in the background.

San Francisco Bay, 2014