Anton Shelupanov is a penal reformer and social innovator with over 14 years’ experience in the field. He has worked with governments, NGOs, probation, police, prison and healthcare services around the globe, from Shanghai to Slovakia, and from Central Asia to Central London.

His current base is the Centre for Justice Innovation, a new charity which seeks to promote and support innovative practice in the justice field.

He was previously based at the Young Foundation, a unique international centre for social innovation in East London, where the main focus of his work was systemic innovation in the fields of social and criminal justice. Prior to that he was the International Centre for Prison Studies at King’s College London, where he led the Centre’s work on prison and public healthcare and managed a number of penal reform projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and East Asia.

Anton has worked with various international bodies, such as the Council of Europe, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime.

You can read about projects Anton has been involved with here. For a more detailed CV, here is his LinkedIn profile.

Anton works all over the world, and lives in Tottenham, North London. He is a trustee of the Boxing Academy, an education charity. He loves blues music, boxing and theatre, and is one of the guys behind the public access Guerilla Shakespeare initiative. He also plays in a rock’n’roll band and tries to gig and record whenever he can find the time.