EDIT: In view of the Covid-19 crisis I have been using this site to host materials, based on my professional experience, to assist justice administrations to tackle the global public health emergency. You can find them here.


Anton Shelupanov is a specialist in policy, systemic change, communications and public affairs.

His background is in justice reform and social innovation, with over 20 years’ experience in the field. He has worked with governments, NGOs and social enterprises from Beijing to Bratislava, and from Central Asia to Central London.

Since 1999 he has worked with over twenty jurisdictions around the world and has led major justice reform programmes in China, Russia and a number of other Central Asian and Eastern & Central European countries. His expertise spans public and prison health, social investment, police & security sector reform, prison management, safeguarding, human rights, service design and community development.

He has developed international instruments for the UNODC and the World Health Organisation, launched the Centre for Justice Innovation together with colleagues from the New York Center for Court Innovation, and has worked with international donor and relief organisations. Anton has worked in some of the toughest professional environments in the world, including prisons, extremely challenging law enforcement contexts and torture prevention.

Anton has served as a trustee of the Boxing Academy which is the UK’s premier alternative education provision charity, and as a non executive director of Homes for Haringey which manages 20,000+ units of social housing in North London. He is the president of a social & charitable motorcycle riding club which has raised c. £85,000 for good causes.

A graduate of Oxford University, Anton has written two books, numerous articles and lectured at King’s College London and the universities of Birmingham and Bradford.

Anton has a strong interest in transport policy, community engagement, music and theatre. You can view a detailed CV on LinkedIn.

A collage of seven images of Anton Shelupanov in work settings. Clockwise from top left: with dozens of bikers campaigning for improved road safety outside London City Hall; with two motorcycle police officers in New Orleans, with celebrity chef and campaigner Levi Roots; with the elders and magistrate at the Koori Court in Melbourne; with anti violence campaigner Jabed Hussain and Victoria Atkins MP at the Home Office in London; with friend and anti FGM campaigner Hoda Ali; with Hon. Brandon C. Woods, judge at the San Francisco Community Justice Center.