Anton works internationally across a number of sectors: justice, security, health, social care, education and employment.

Main areas of expertise are:

  • Social and systemic innovation in criminal and social justice
  • Prison and public health (including addictions, mental health and infectious diseases)
  • Problem Solving Justice
  • Alternatives to custody
  • Youth & juvenile justice
  • Offender employment
  • Startups
  • The human rights of persons in detention
  • New financial instruments for funding prevention
  • Public service reform and innovation
  • Security Sector reform
  • Organisational and cultural change
  • Service design (involving users)
  • Staff training
  • Research (using various techniques)
  • Hard to reach groups

Some exciting things has been involved with include:

– Working in partnership with the New York Center for Court Innovation to develop and create the Center for Justice Innovation, a new UK charity which supports new ideas and practice in criminal justice (UK / USA)

Transforming Justice in the North West of England: working with 12 local authorities in the Greater Manchester area, as well as other agencies such as NOMS, Greater Manchester Police, HM Prison Service and the Youth Justice Board to create an evidence-based commissioning system for the whole locality which will drive down custody and reduce cost, as well as keeping crime and recidivsm low. This was a Young Foundation project in partnership with the UK Ministry of Justice and many partners in the Greater Manchester Area, as part of the UK government’s wider Payment By Results agenda (UK)

Penal reform in Turkmenistan: working in partnership with the Government of Turkmenistan to reform the penal code which dates back to the 1970 Soviet version and ensure that practical reforms take place on the ground.  This involves overseeing a major overhaul of the entire penitentiary system. The partners included ICPS, British Embassy Ashgabad and GTZ (The German international development agency) (Turkmenistan)

Developing an Employment Deployer for Former Offenders – a mechanism which would manage people’s transition out of custody through talent-pooling, mentoring, supported employment and a raft of other measures to de-risk and improve the process, as part of the Young Foundation’s work on employment and transitions (UK)

Transition to Adulthood (T2A): Leading on the Young Foundation’s policy contribution to the T2A Alliance, convened by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, and seeking to improve provisions for young adults at risk of getting caught up in the criminal justice system (UK)

– Working with Opera North in advising the cast and crew of their production of Janacek’s opera From the House of the Dead (based on the famous Dostoyevsky novel set in a Siberian prison) with creating an authentic yet innovative production (UK)

Alternatives to Custody in the Ukraine: working with the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) and the European Union to update Ukrainian laws on alternatives to custody and ensure that reforms are fully enacted. The Ukraine has a very high prison population rate and appropriate alternative provisions could ensure that thousands of people are spared custody annually (Ukraine)

– Advising Social Innovation Camp on their NESTA-supported JailBrake project which seeks to use innovative Web 2.0 technology to address the issue of youth offending (UK)

The Innovation Catalyst – working in partnership with four Local Authorities in England to seek innovative solutions to improving access to justice for young people in trouble with the law and find ways of ensuring they don’t end up in custody. The implementing partners are the Young Foundation, the Innovation Unit and the Improvement & Development Agency (UK)

Editing a book intended to help talented young graduates from diverse backgrounds land top jobs, authored by Raphael Mokades, the founder of Rare Recruitment (UK)

Anton with the Turkmen Prosecutor General and other colleagues

Some recent publications

Media & Academic

– Regular commentator on prisons, crime and justice on the BBC Russian Service.

– Have been cited by or appeared on a number of radio and television programmes around the world, as diverse as BBC Newsnight, Al Jazeera, Radio Free Europe, The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation among others.

– Have written articles and been featured in many newspapers and magazines, including the Independent, the Sunday Times, the Scotsman and Children and Young People Now.

– Have lectured on the University of London’s MA in Criminology & Criminal Justice, Bradford University’s Chevening Leadership Programme, Birmingham University’s Course for Security Sector Practitioners and at the European Institute for Public Administration in Barcelona.